iPhone X: Many apps do not support the display with the notch

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Recently, Appl e announced that from April 2018, only apps that are optimized for the iPhone X will be available in the App Store. However, this new regulation does not exist for existing apps. Apple does not force the developers to provide an update with appropriate optimization. Although many developers have already released updates, there is still room for improvement. The American website MacRumors has now briefly listed some not yet optimized apps. It is striking that even Apple has not published any updates for six apps.


  • iTunes
  • iTunes Connect
  • Beats Pill +
  • AirPort
  • Music Memos


  • Google Authenticator
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Admin
  • Google Street View
  • Google Wifi
  • Google Cloud Console
  • Inbox by Gmail
  • Chrome Remote Desktop
  • Snapseed

Even Microsoft and Amazon have not yet released an update for their most popular apps. These included Microsoft Remote Desktop, Microsoft Office 365 Admin and Amazon Alexa. However, the companies promised to provide updates shortly while Apple did not provide feedback on MacRumors. In addition, various fast-food chains and travel providers are working on speedy updates.

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