iPhone X no longer flashes in the cold

A cold winter day and the iPhone X and a lot of photo opportunities and no flashlight, the latter fails its service at temperatures around the freezing point.The light is supposed to suspend even at temperatures between 3 and 7 degrees Celsius the iPhone is warmed up again, the flashing works again.

Since the beginning of winter complaints from iPhone users in Apple support forums, which can not use the LED of the smartphone at low temperatures. We have also been able to adjust the problem with the current temperatures below 0 degrees. An iPhone X could not flash at 3 degrees plus. The flashlight mode, which does not light up so brightly, was not affected.

Whether Apple can get these problems by software update under control, is unclear. Apple may disable the flash function to conserve battery power, or a circuit breaker will automatically activate as soon as it is too cold.

Actually, the fix on iOS 11.1.2 should fix bugs and issues related to the cold to have. At that time, however, iPhone X displays were affected, temporarily stopped responding to cold temperatures. The update appeared in mid-November 2017.

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