iPhone X (PRODUCT) RED – How it might look like

Unlike usual, Apple decided to release the iPhone X in only two colors - Silver and Space Gray. Previous rumors came to a new color called "Blush Gold", which was not announced. However, currently holds the rumor that Apple could push this year again a (PRODUCT) RED edition. With the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, Apple surprised with a sudden release last year.

Apple could do the same for the iPhone X and the iPhone 8 (Plus). However, one may assume in the case of the iPhone X that the front remains black, since Apple has already decided on the two previous color variants for this front color.

The designer Martin Hajekt has accepted the rumor and created some mockups. Also a video is ready for the potential new color. However, the different sources are currently not in agreement about the new color, which should boost sales again. While two reports speak of a golden variant, the third one is based on a (PRODUCT) RED edition.

Since the red variant has been very noble in the last generation, we would be pleased to announce it. Which color variant would you prefer?

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