iPhone X: That’s why iPhone users did not buy the new smartphone

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In his poll, the "Piper Jaffray" analyst Michael Olson asked run d 1,500 people, whether you use an iPhone and why you have not switched to an iPhone X yet.

Does the iPhone X offer too little incentive to upgrade?

Surprisingly, 44 percent of surveyed iPhone users have no Upgrade planned because your current iPhone still works perfectly. Apparently, you could not convince even new exclusive features such as Face ID or the small form factor despite larger display. By contrast, the display is still too small for around eight percent and a larger (wider?) Display is preferred. In addition, there are 31 percent, which would probably have switched to an iPhone X, if the price would not be above the budget set. A further 17 percent, however, had completely different reasons not to dare the upgrade.

According to Piper Jaffrays, Apple could already tackle the "problems" this year and should bring three devices on the market. Two devices are to further develop the formula of the iPhone X and differ only in size, while the third model could appear as a beginner device with a 6.1 inch LCD at a lower price.

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