IPhone X users very pleased with all features except Siri

85 percent of respondents are “very satisfied” with the iPhone X. Ben Bajarin of Creative Strategies said that this one was to de He has ever seen in customer satisfaction surveys for engineering products. 12 percent of respondents said they were satisfied with the iPhone X, three percent were dissatisfied to varying degrees.

Creative Strategies interviewed 1,746 owners of the iPhone X. Market researchers told Macrumors that respondents had been told by previous users Questions were identified as early adopters. The term refers to people who use the latest technological advances or the latest variants of products or fashion accessories.

Also in the feature comparison, the iPhone X recorded very high satisfaction rates in all areas, including the features Face ID and also the battery life was rated 90 percent as good. The only exception was Siri, who only reached a 20 percent satisfaction rate and left four out of five respondents unimpressed.

Early adopters tend to be more critical than regular consumers. However, the industry now believes Apple has lost the edge it once had with Siri in the artificial intelligence field.

Siri seems to have become a big problem within Apple. The HomePod suffers from a rather mixed performance compared to Amazon Alexa. Apple told Macrumors that Siri was “the most popular voice assistant in the world” and spoke of “significant advances” in the assistant’s performance, scalability and reliability.

“We have made significant progress in performance “Scalability and reliability made by Siri and the latest machine learning techniques used to create a more natural voice and more proactive features” Apple wrote, according to Macrumors in his statement. “We continue to invest heavily in machine learning and artificial intelligence to continually improve the quality of the answers Siri provides and the breadth of questions that Siri can answer” .

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