The new iPhones are the first iPhones to have two SIM Support cards. The applications with multiple numbers or mobile phone contracts are diverse. One could separate language and data, or job and family, or use a local phone number while traveling. But the feature Dual-SIM will be supplied later by software update. Because: Apple relies on the cooperation of the mobile service providers.

Dual SIM is a feature that Apple fans have long been waiting for. With the soon to be available models iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs max and with the soon to be ordered iPhone Xr Apple introduces the possibility to set up a second SIM and thus a second phone number on the iPhone. In the keynote Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller points out that Chinese iPhones record two SIM cards on a carrier. Models for other markets pick up a SIM card and have a blank SIM card built-in. This is a so-called eSIM. This is the "embedded" SIM, the built-in eSIM. The eSIM is configurable via software and theoretically can be deleted and reconfigured if necessary.

iPhone XS and iPhone XR software update

Apple already uses the eSIM in the Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE for mobile connections and in some iPad models. In the Apple Watch, the eSIM extends an existing iPhone mobile phone contract with another device. For the iPad, Apple advertises the eSIM as a configurable data option for holidays with the Apple tablet, for example. The iPhone results in numerous use cases. In most cases, you would like to take advantage of low-cost data offers on a holiday with a local telephone number, for example in a prepaid rate. Despite EU roaming, it may be advisable in Europe, for example in the UK, to use a card from EE or in general a Finnish card with unlimited data volume. Even in the border region to Switzerland, a second configured SIM may be useful. Because: Switzerland does not belong to the EU.

In the presentation, Phil Schiller promises simultaneous accessibility under both numbers. On incoming calls one would recognize, which number will be called. In the settings you specify which number of both should be the preferred number. However, one must not forget that Apple relies on the cooperation with the mobile service providers. In Germany, according to initial information Telekom and Vodafone, which will also offer the new Apple Watch Series 4. Therefore Apple will activate the eSIM in the new iPhone models later with updated operator settings as an update.

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