iPhones 2018 without adapter for jack headphones

iPhones 2018 without adapter for jack headphones. Last week, the Cupertino company presented a new Apple Watch and three new smartphones, of which two are already pre-orderable. Only a closer look reveals that these and other Apple smartphones are no longer delivered with an adapter for jack headphones.There were already rumors in advance of the event.
With the introduction of the iPhone 7 Apple renounced the phone jack on the smartphone. The outcry was great. Apple at the time put in a suitable adapter. The company did that for the next generation, the iPhone 8 (Plus). But that's over now.

No more 3.5 mm jack adapter in package

If you called up the product pages in Apple's online store after the event, you found that Apple was a bit slack. Because now the company only adds a power adapter ("5W USB Power Adapter"), a "Lightning to USB cable" and EarPods with Lightning connection to the iPhones.

However, the 3.5 mm jack Adapters not only on the new iPhone XS, XS Max and XR. Apple puts him also the iPhone 7 (Plus) and 8 (Plus) the adapter no longer from the house in the box. If you need the adapter, you will need to buy it separately in the future. It costs 10 euros extra.

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