iPhones with LCD will not disappear too soon, but they will only stay on "cheap" models


The rumors of the past few months have been talking about a future in which Apple has dropped completely on LCD smartphones in favor of OLED panels. It looks like the reality in the market is different, and LCD models, at least in the company's cheaper smartphone range, will not be eliminated too soon. According to the latest sales projections and component commands, Apple expects to sell more LCDs than with OLEDs in the near future

The iPhone X was the first Apple smartphone based on Samsung's OLED display, delivering the best display on the market at the time of launch. While the top models in the iPhone X range will continue in the same direction, with a larger screen model expected this autumn, LCD models will not disappear too soon. The single-room base iPhone will remain on the old technology in 2018 and probably for years to come.

Apple's plan to move to OLED across the entire range of smartphones is turned off by component suppliers who can not deliver enough units to cover Apple's demand and other partners. The information available at the moment suggests that the iPhone X models in 2018 will be equipped with two types of OLED panels, some from Samsung Display and some from LG Display, but even so, the thick of iPhone production will be with LCD for the more inexpensive.

Apple is based on the fact that customers will opt for the basic model, whose profit margins are higher, as the LCD costs twice as much as a similar OLED panel. Given that OLEDs are not expected to grow significantly in the coming years, and in 2019 Apple phones will most likely be launched in OLED and LCD versions. Thus, there will be a fairly clear boundary between the "luxury" and the "everyone" iPhone models, the iPhone X Plus being expected to have a significantly higher price than that of the iPhone X.

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