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Apple equips employees with 1Password

The actual message l autet: Apple equips its employees with AgileBits’ popular password manager. If Apple were not a global corporation, the message would probably only half as interesting. In fact, according to media reports more than 123,000 employees of the iPhone manufacturer have the ability to manage their passwords and personal information (bank accounts, credit cards, etc.) through the software. Apparently, the first 100 people will be working on the software as early as this week.

Above all, this step shows that Apple has enough confidence in 1Password to manage employee data.

Buys Apple AgileBits?

Of course, against this backdrop, speculation is mounting that Apple is adopting AgileBits. The Group buys smaller companies in a better regularity. But when he’s approached, he always responds with the same answer.

BGR, citing an anonymous source, claims that Apple not only grants 123,000 employees access to 1Password, but also their family members. The Mac provider also set conditions for the business to come about. The “customers” of AgileBits that Apple provides would have to respond to support requests within four hours. In addition, the developer has to expand his help pages significantly, especially translate in several languages, which currently does not exist.

The magazine can not confirm how much Apple paid for the business. In any case, it has received a “volume discount.”

What will become of the keychain?

However, against this background, the question actually arises as to whether Apple will take over the developer. For BGR is also conceivable that Apple implements the acquisition over several years already now with the partnership. Because either way the company from Cupertino puts a little money on the table. Could it be that transfer of know-how takes place? An acquisition seems very likely against this background. And yet, AgileBits already denied the rumors.

But we ask ourselves, what then becomes of the keyring in iOS and macOS? Does Apple only exploit AgileBits here and use the software only as long as you complete a knowledge transfer? This development is always interesting, especially since AgileBits only denies the acquisition, but not the “deal” with Apple.

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