IT attacks through infected Office documents rose 4-fold in the first quarter

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Attacked users with infected Office documents increased more than 4 times compared with T1 2017, the percentage of total exploits used in attacks, has reached nearly 50%, accounting for twice the average of Microsoft Office in 2017, shows a study Kaspersky Lab

"Attacks based on exploits are considered to be very powerful because they do not require additional user intrusions, and the authors can discreetly" deliver "the dangerous code. Therefore, they are very often used: both by cyber-criminals in search of profits, and by complex, assisted, state-aided attackers, "the study shows.

The results of the analysis show that in the first quarter there has been a significant influx of exploits targeting Microsoft Office programs, analysts consider it to be the pinnacle of a long-term trend since at least 10 Microsoft Office exploits have been identified 2017-2018 compared to two zero-day exploits for Adobe Flash in the same period.

Analysts say the percentage of exploits used in attacks for Adobe Flash Player is down, reaching T1 to less than 3% due to efforts made by Adobe and Microsoft to increase its security

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