iTunes is now also available in the Windows 10 Store

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For a long time, iTunes required iPod, iPhone, and later the iPad to provide music, backups, and more. Meanwhile, the iPod is almost extinct and the iOS devices are also without additional software. Apple took this fact into account in the latest updates and removed, for example, the App Store from the application.

While the app was initially only available for Mac computers, in 2003 they also released a first version for Windows machines. According to Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, “hell is frozen over” at that time. Since then, you could download the app via Apple’s official website. Microsoft did not provide this and announced last May that the Apple application will soon be available in the Windows 10 Store.

Together with Apple, they set themselves the goal of publishing the app by the end of 2017. However, you did not finish in time, as you endeavor to offer the “complete iTunes experience” on Windows machines and more time was needed. Especially users of Windows 10 S should have been this bad news, because they can only download software from the Windows 10 Store on your devices. Now the “problems” have been solved and the application can now also be obtained via Microsoft’s digital software shop.

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