Japan Display Gets Money for Cheap iPhone Displays

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Japan Display plans to raise $ 517 million through the sale of assets and loans so it can produce LCD for a new iPhone reports the business paper Nikkei.

Last year, Japan Display lost a lot of sales because Apple switched to OLED on the iPhone X. Apple continues to plan to use LCDs for some devices. That’s why Japan Display needs money to drive the production of displays that Apple needs now.

Rumors Apple plans to launch two 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch OLED iPhones and a 6.1-inch LCD iPhone, with the LCD as a cost-effective option alongside the two more expensive OLEDs.

With Japan Display again planning to invest in LCDs, the company could run into a trap if Apple abandons LCDs altogether and switches to OLED in the future.

However the iPhone X does not sell as well as Apple expected. Now, the company could also change its plans to launch more X-style iPhones. Earlier rumors suggest that Apple is interested in Japan Display’s Full Active LCDs, which offer some of the benefits of OLEDs at a lower cost.

Full Active Panels can also be used in curved or angled designs.

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