Jimmy Iovine stays with Apple. The denial, however, comes late, at least later than expected. A few days ago, the former co-founder of Beats would leave Apple in August. As a reason, possible differences with some Apple boards, led by Eddy Cue. Now, a few days later, but the role reverses

A number of reputable sources (Billboard, Bloomberg) had past Week reported that music manager Jimmy Iovine would leave Apple in August this year, even saying that even if the iPhone maker offered the Bird of Paradise a new contract, he would not be retuned.

Will Jimmy Iovine Get Salary Increase?

Either the sources of the magazines and agencies have lied Perhaps it is more probable that the rumor was purposely spread out of Iovine's environment in order to obtain a better bargaining position.

Against this background, the question may be allowed whether the Bird of Paradise now gets a salary increase instead, or at least more say Apple Music to implement his ideas.

Far from being finished

Iovine promoted the documentary series "The Defiant Ones" in the Grammy Museum. This will include, among other things, his own career as well as his collaboration with Dr. Ing. Dre lit up. Following the promotional event, there was a question and answer session. In it, Iovine denied the news of the past week, as Variety reports.

In the best Giovanni Trapattoni manner Iovine announced that he was far from finished. He is now 65, has been working for Apple for four years and is loyal to the company. What's more, he loves Apple.

Implementing Visions for Apple Music

Iovine points out that Apple Music has more than 30 million paying users but is far from over. There's a lot more that he and the rest of Apple wanted to improve on the service. He'll do what Eddy Cue and Tim Cook or other people in charge suggest. He is "part of the team" and does not waste any thought about quitting.

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