Kaspersky announces relocation of some Russian business to Switzerland, hoping to regain customer confidence in company products


Following the scandal over the alleged use of the company's products in surveillance activities carried out by Russia's intelligence services, Kaspersky Lab announces plans to relocate certain key process activities from Russia to Switzerland. These include maintaining and processing customer data in most regions, as well as assembling the software - including threat detection updates. In order to ensure the complete transparency and integrity of its products, Kaspersky Lab is seeking to supervise this activity by an independent third party, also based in Switzerland.

" The Global Transparency Initiative announced in October 2017 reflects Kaspersky Lab's commitment to ensuring the integrity and credibility of its products. The new measures represent the next steps in the development of the initiative, but at the same time reflect the company's willingness to work together to meet the growing challenges of industry fragmentation and the loss of confidence. Trust is essential in cyber security, and Kaspersky Lab understands that it is not automatically granted, but must be won through transparency and accountability. "

Recent measures include moving the place where data are stored and processed for multiple regions and where the software is assembled, as well as the opening of the first Transparency Center.

By the end of 2019, Kaspersky Lab will set up a data center in Zurich, where it will store and process all information from users in Europe, North America, Singapore, Australia, Japan and South Korea, to be added and other countries.

Kaspersky Lab will move to Zurich and a set of programming tools used to assemble software from the source code ("software build conveyer"). By the end of 2018, Kaspersky Lab products and threat detection databases (AV databases) will begin to be assembled and signed with a digital signature in Switzerland before they are distributed to customer devices around the world . The move will make it possible for an independent organization to check the newly assembled software, and will show that software updates and updates received by customers are consistent with the source code provided for the audit.

Commenting on the move of the processes and the opening of the Transparency Center, Eugene Kaspersky, CEO of Kaspersky Lab, said: " In an industry that is changing as fast as ours, we have to adapt to the needs of our customers and partners . Transparency is one of them, and that's why we decided to redesign our infrastructure and move the data processing tools to Switzerland. We believe that such an action will become a global trend in cyber security, and a policy of trust will be a basic requirement in our field of activity. "

Kaspersky Lab's source code and software updates will be available for review by the responsible stakeholders in a dedicated Transparency Center, which will also be hosted in Switzerland and will be open later this year.

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