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Slowly but surely, eReaders have found their place among all electronic equipment our disposition. Of course, they offer few possibilities of use apart from reading, but it is also what strengths them: they can only do one thing, but they do it well.

Today, 4 manufacturers clash on the French market: Amazon Kobo Bookeen (also found under the Nolim trademark for Carrefour) and PocketBook (present under the Tea brand proposed by distributors such as Furet du Nord, Cultura or Decitre).

The market has long been dominated by 6-inch models sold at around 130 euros. The flagship lights that are Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite or the Kobo Glo and Aura still meet these characteristics, but more and more variants are proposed.

Thus Amazon has just launched its brand new Oasis format 7 inches Kobo last spring proposed the Kobo Auro H2O Edition 2, a waterproof model of 6 , 8 inches . This enlargement of the screens even if it brings a real comfort of reading is not without consequence on the final price.

The traditional 6-inch reading light is still a very good choice. It can be without screen illumination for the tightest budgets (count between 70 and 80 euros) or with illuminated screen for those who are willing to pay about 130 euros. This being said, they are frequently found at 100 euros, all brands of readers offering regular discounts. Do not hesitate to offer a model with lighting that is a real plus to read the night or when the brightness is low.

For their part, the waterproof reading lights were still quite unconvincing recently: their price was higher and the touch screen less responsive. However, the last 2-born, the Kobo Aura H2O and the Kindle Oasis (2017 edition) raise the level and should satisfy those who want to seal (attention that does not only freshwater and not seawater)

The best value for money

The best reading light "large" (and waterproof)

The best reader first price

The most open reading lamp

Amazon offers to save 10 euros on the price of its reading lights on the condition of accepting advertising (subtly renamed "special offers"). This consists of ads that appear on the screen saver or as a banner at the bottom of the home page. A very limited inconvenience, because obviously no ads appear during playback.

3G versions of the Kindle Paperwhite (180 euros), Voyage (250 euros) and Oasis (350 euros) from Amazon are available. A feature we do not care about the price, WiFi is sufficient in most cases. While you will not be able to access Wikipedia from the beach, embedded dictionaries should do the trick.

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