Last Apple Watch Store will be closed

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Following the grand opening of Apple Shinjuku in early April 2018, customers in Tokyo began the fate of Apple’s pop-up store directly opposite the Isetan department store in question. Of course, it’s unlikely that two Apple stores that are so close together would be open at the same time, considering the company operates just over 500 stores worldwide.

Following the opening of the Apple Watch store, coinciding with the Apple Watch launch in 2015, it was one of only three pop-up stores in the world to focus on Apple Watches and watch straps. Customers looking for iPhones, iPads, Macs, and Service will need to visit a traditional Apple Store.

The other two Apple Watch stores in Galeries Lafayette in Paris and Selfridges in London were closed in early 2017. All were in department stores where luxury watch brands were also sold. Apple’s store in Isetan, on the other hand, remained open across the street during the construction of Apple Shinjuku-

The Isetan department store was also the last place in the world to offer customers the original, 18-carat, golden Apple Watch Edition could look and buy. Later this month, the store had models of the watch in stock, which could be tried on and bought on request. To reduce the stock, the price of the Apple Watch Edition has been massively reduced, sometimes by up to 70 percent. The 38mm model was offered for 75,600 yen (just over 570 euros).

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