Last minute gift: music, games or video subscriptions


Whether for Christmas or another occasion, internet fans will appreciate receiving a cloud-based service as a gift. It simply means the services offered online. It is a dematerialized gift, certainly, but not without value since it can give access to reading, storage, music or even video.

The only condition for benefit is to own an internet access at home or an offer to the mobile internet (3G / 4G) via a smartphone. They are ideal for those who are looking for a gift that is delivered instantly since it does not require any wait time delivery. Buy, print a card and / or its code and make happy.

Music: Deezer or Spotify

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<li> <b> Xbox Maps </b>: From 10 to 75 euros </li>
<li> <b> Xbox Live Cards </b>: 3 or 12 months (19.99 or 59.99 euros) </li>
<li> <b> Steam cards </b>: From 5 to 100 euros </li>
<li> <b> Where to buy </b>: Microsoft Store for Xbox cards or Steam page for e-cards </li>
<p> Steam offers several ways to offer gift cards. It can be found in stores or on the internet to obtain the code immediately via third-party resellers. The quickest way is to go through the Steam page if you know the player's identity. </p>
<p> Xbox cards are simply purchased from the official Microsoft Store page. Attention two types of cards exist, one allows to buy on Xbox games, content or even hardware. The other allows access to Xbox Live Gold to enjoy games offered, multiplayer mode, discounts etc. </p>
<h2> Video: Netflix </h2>
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