Latest development of Bose is an AR sunglasses

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Time and again, corporations offer an insight into their current development work, if they are not exactly Apple It has been rumored by the iPhone and Mac producers for some time, that Apple would also work on its own AR glasses, but so far only companies such as Intel and Microsoft showed their current prototypes. At the weekend, surprisingly, the hi-fi manufacturer Bose followed suit.

At the South-by-Southwest (SXSW), a mixed festival, conference and trade show in Austin, Bose introduced Augmented Reality sunglasses. Engadget tests the device in a YouTube video. Unlike previous eyewear, Bose’s prototype does not have a camera, nor does it project images onto the lenses or into the eye. Instead, the glasses frame extends the real environment with acoustic information. For example, opening times of shops and restaurants can be queried by double-tapping the glasses and then presenting them to the wearer via voice output. By coupling with the smartphone and its GPS, the device knows exactly where the user is and can retrieve the corresponding information. The acoustic signals are directed directly at the ears of the wearer and thus can hardly be perceived by the outside world.

So far, Bose AR is only a prototype. Whether, when and at what price the smart sunglasses for end customers will be available, is not yet known. Interested third-party developers and start-ups can already develop applications for the glasses via the Bose AR platform.

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