Leica launches C-Lux, a compact (more) cheap

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Until recently, the Leica brand was associated with exclusive products, inaccessible to ordinary users, but this has changed with the company's partnership with Huawei, who put a Leica camera in the pocket of any P-series smartphone. far and allied with Panasonic to deliver the C-Lux camera with a compact body and a high focal length lens at an unusually small price

The Leica C-Lux camera seems to be just a rebranding for the Panasonic Lumix ZS200 with a more elegant exterior appearance and exclusive color options. We have two variants, a light gold and a dark blue (Light Gold and Midnight Blue), decorated with the iconic red dot of Leica. Compared to the original 800-dollar Panasonic, the C-Lux version of $ 1,050 is more expensive, but well below the price of a Leica rangefinder

Fortunately, the C-Lux performance will not disappoint, as the Lumix ZS200 was already a highly performing model. It is equipped with a 24-360mm f / 3.3-6.4 lens that provides a 15X optical zoom, a 20-megapixel 1 "diagonal sensor, and a 49-point focus system. The camera can shoot 10 frames per second, can shoot at 4K resolution with a 100 Mbps bit rate (15 minute limit) and features a 2.33 megapixel digital viewfinder. The camera also benefits from Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity

Most likely, this model is dedicated to those who want a high-performance camera that stands out for a little bit, or to Leica's more expensive models who want a compact, high-quality, high-quality, camera-ready camera

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