The share of companies owning a site is 45.4%, although 86.1% are connected to the Internet, according to a study by the National Institute of Statistics (INS) on the information society. The share of households connected to the Internet is 49.9%, Mediafax .

According to the NIS, the largest share of the companies with their own site is located in Bucharest-Ilfov (63.7%) and Center (50.2%), followed by North-East and North-West (40.3%). The lowest shares are found in South-Oltenia (26.3%), in the West (36.2%) and in the South-East (36.5%)

From the point of view of the Internet connection, the national average is 86.1%, and we have 86.7% of companies in industry and construction, 84.3% in services and 81.7% in trade.

NIS data shows that, on average, 87% of the companies are equipped with one or more computers, 88% in industry and construction, 87.7% in commerce and 85.2% in business % in construction

The banking sector is represented by 100% of the units equipped with computers, all of them (100%) being connected to the Internet and having their own sites

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How do companies use these IT & C facilities in their relationship with authorities? The NIS study shows that 73.5% interact with public institutions by electronic means, 69.3% get information, 67.8% download forms, 64.7% return completed forms, and 63.5% complete all administrative procedures exclusively on this .

Educational units provide, on average, only 12 computers per hundred students and 11 internet connections per pupils and students, the study quoted.

Viewed "in the mirror", the official statistics presented above show, in a nutshell, 54.6% of the companies do not have their own site, 23.9% are not even connected to the Internet, 13% do not have computers and 26, 5% do not interact digitally with the authorities, and 88% of students / students do not have access to computers and the Internet at school

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