Levi's maker will use laser technology to "aging" Jeans pants

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The Jeans are brought to the desired state by complex processes of controlled destruction of the fabric, discoloration and retouching, the high processing time rising pretty much the cost of the finished product.

Trying to bring Jeans production to the digital age, Levi Strauss has developed a method that allows engraving of any "wearing" pattern in just seconds, using a high-powered laser. Much faster, the new system eliminates a multitude of chemical formulas used to bleach and trowel the pants in realistic terms, with processing time being improved from a speed of 2-3 pairs per hour hand-finished at about 90 seconds per item

Much more efficient, laser engraving reduces drastically the time needed to develop new garments, and the finished product can be delivered in a few days or weeks instead of several months using established methods

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