LG: an 88-inch Oled 8K TV at CES and 44-inch tiles soon?



                                                     LG: an 88-inch Oled 8K TV at CES and 44-inch tiles soon?


While we are only a few days away from the opening of the world's biggest new technology show, the Consumer Electronic Show (January 9-12, 2018), LG is unveiling the one of the novelties that will accompany him to Las Vegas next week, report our American colleagues.

This is nothing more than the largest OLED TV at the moment, an 88-inch (223 cm) slab offering 8K (7680x4320 pixels) resolution, unheard of on this technology. 'screen. It's 4 times more pixels than 4K and 16 times more than Full HD. For the moment, LG is satisfied with "teaser" its screen, the mark being shown rather stingy in details.

So almost everything about this model is unknown, including its name, its price (we know it will be exorbitant, of course) and other characteristics. Note that anyway, it is more of a technological demonstration than a product that you can find next year in your cottages. This is not a big deal since the 4K content is just beginning to democratize, so the 8K ...

Soon Oled tiles of 44 inches?

But what is also interesting with this announcement is that as noted by our colleagues in Digital, "the announcement of an 88-inch Oled 8K TV presages the arrival of new Oled TVs less than 50 inches.

We told you at the end of October that LG Display, the subsidiary of the Korean giant specialized in screens, was working on new production lines and Oled tiles of about 40 inches. The brand could therefore market well Oled 44-inch TVs, since the motherboard of the 8K screen can be cut into 4 small slabs of this size, precisely.

Finally, note that this would allow LG to deploy a more affordable Oled offer and thus to further push the adoption of this technology, currently in competition with the Qled, carried especially by the great rival of LG: Samsung. Today, the "entry ticket" of the Oled 4K is around 2000 euros.

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