LG G6 has been renamed LG G6 ThinQ


LG seems to pay much more attention to AI's than other smartphone manufacturers go so far that the name "ThinQ" starts to be attached to all devices compatible with this AI. Following the announcement of the V30S ThinQ and the V30 ThinQ last year's V30 model change, the LG G6 rang to borrow this name, even though we are talking about a phone launched a year ago that did not have these capabilities.

The stores in Canada are already listing the new LG G6 revisions as LG G6 ThinQ, while the silver version of the phone now bears LG G6 ThinQ Platinum name. These names suggest that the software on the new phones has been upgraded for compatibility with Korean ThinQ owner AI. This AI is not, however, similar to that of other companies. It is used to give commands via Google Assistant to some smart home appliances, but also to improve photo performance.

The new LG G7's new smartphone, which has just been announced and will be in the near future in stores, also bears the name ThinQ. It is curious, however, why LG prefers to add the name ThinQ directly in the name of phones instead of specifying on the box that they are compatible with this technology

Considering that the G6 is now available at a fairly affordable price and could be compatible with LG's new AI features, it could become a true best buy for those with limited budgets looking for a premium smartphone with performance hardware and upgraded software

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