LG G7 appears in unofficial images. Design with "bangs" seems to be the final

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LG chose to present the G7 (Neo) model to only a limited number of journalists at the Mobile World Congress, many of the brand's fans hoping it was just a prototype that would be modified before launch. It seems, however, that the phone will go to the market the way I saw it a month ago, with the screen cut out and glass back. Even though it has not been officially announced yet, the LG G7 can now be seen from all angles thanks to a 3D model based on the available information

OnLeaks is used to launch images and video clips with 3D-modeled phones before launching them, most of the time, these images are very close to the finished product. Thus, there is little chance that the LG G7, which seems to be close enough to launch, will be changed outside.

We can immediately see that the phone's display is cut at the top, where the front sensors, the call speaker and the camera are located, while on the back there is a fingerprint sensor and a dual photo camera centered and oriented vertical. The G7 has four physical buttons, like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S9, one of the buttons being dedicated to the ThinQ virtual assistant, which I met on the V30S ThinQ

Probably the biggest surprise is the headphone jack we can see at the bottom of the device, which many manufacturers like Apple, HTC and Huawei have been eliminating for the past two years.

LG tries to combine modern design with what fans want to receive, but also integrates functions that many do not want, like a virtual assistant, over the Google Assistant in the operating system. Depending on the price at which the device's capabilities for processing power and photo quality will be released, LG G7 could be a success or another failure on LG's list

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