The next flagship from LG is a very mysterious product. The company has confirmed that it is working on a new top smartphone, but it could drop the branding of the G Series. The device would also be unveiled next month (probably at the Mobile World Congress), but some rumors or even spy images with your phone on the internet. All we have now is an "unofficial" image made after the description of the device, which reveals some interesting things.

We do not know how well the picture is compared to the finished product, and even if it is the new design LG will adopt, TigerMobiles says it will show the new "LG G7" (name used in the absence of the final name). We have to deal with an elongated phone with a screen across the surface, with a very thin edge at the top and none at the bottom

Most likely, LG will keep the 18: 9 aspect on the LG G6 and will replace the old IPS displays with OLED panels produced in its own factories, like the ones on Google Pixel 2 XL. The image also describes a dual-camera system on the front, suggesting advanced features for self-esteem enthusiasts.

At the hardware level, we can expect a top device comparable to specifications with the wave of flagships that will appear this spring. Most likely, it will be pushed by a Snapdragon 835 chipset, will integrate a QHD + display and benefit from a high performance camera. Water resistance has already been integrated into the LG V30's previous top model, so it would not make sense for it to disappear from the new "G7."

If a few years ago all the phones looked the same, with a display and a button on the front, they all started to resemble each other, with large displays and zero buttons on the front. Considering how crowded the market is at this time, LG will have to put this model on the record with a bit more than its internal design or hardware (if the rumors are confirmed), the software and cameras are now likely the most important issues when buying a top phone.

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