LG launches a "Software Upgrade Center" dedicated to preparing firmware updates for company products

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Despite promises made by Google for faster delivery of firmware updates for Android-powered devices, most manufacturers did not show the same level of enthusiasm, leaving users to wait months for software upgrades

With small but determined steps, things start to change. LG has just announced the launch of a dedicated research and development software development center in South Korea. The company thus promises to give LG phone users worldwide access to regular updates for the Android version, delivered after a well-established calendar and generally faster than before.

The first "payee" is the current LG G6 range, which will be upgraded to the Android version of Oreo in the second half of this month.

Through the initiative, LG aims to improve its brand image to its main competitors. According to LG CEO Jo Seong-jin, stable and consistent firmware updates "will demonstrate to users that LG smartphone products can enjoy long life and reliability."

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