Light Company prepares a nine-cell smartphone. In the past launched a compact camera with 16 sensors

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The L16 camera, the world's first camera with 16 different camera lenses, did not enjoy the success the company was expecting, the reason being the price of nearly $ 2,000, and its performance was held back software. The company does not give up this idea but wants to now enter the smartphone market with a multi-camera mobile device that uses the technology developed for the L16

According to The Washington Post, the new phone is now in development, Light wanting to produce for the moment a prototype that benefits from a high number of rooms, between five and nine being the ideal number. They should be able to take pictures at a resolution of 64 megapixels a resolution significantly higher than what the highest-performing smartphone can record on the photo, the Huawei P20 Pro with its 40 megapixel sensor.

The phone should, however, be the size of an iPhone X, so somewhere in the more compact range of smartphones on the market. Compared to other smartphones, the Light developed model should deliver high light performance by using multiple photos for a better result and provide a bokeh effect for portrait mode much more advanced using all photo sensors to " cut the subject. "

It is not clear, however, when Light wants to bring this model on the market, but since it has not established the number of chambers on this model and it does not even have a functional prototype at this time, we could see the phone at the earliest five rooms (or nine?) just in 2019.

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