Like every year, Apple and its iPhone were the stars of Christmas



                                                     Like every year, Apple and its iPhone were the stars of Christmas


The end of the year celebrations went well for Apple, at least if one observes the volumes of activations of the headed terminals. According to Flurry Analytics, the company alone has concentrated 44% of smartphones, phablets and tablets activated between 19 and 25 December 2017 in the world.

A stable figure according to the analysis firm that already credited Apple to 44% over the same period in 2016.

The iPhone 7 resists, beautiful perf 'for the X

If the iPhone seems to retain its status as a star gift for Christmas, this study mainly illustrates the strategic choices made by Apple late 2017 detailing the breakdown between the different models.

With an iPhone 8 innovation too discreet, a revolutionary iPhone X but exclusive price, it is finally and logically enough solid iPhone 7 available at a softer price was the most popular during this period with 15.1% of activations .

Note the very good performance of the iPhone X that does not come very far from the 7 with an activation rate of 14.7%. Far from the 8.7% of the iPhone 8 Plus.

Behind, the classification moves

Samsung has consolidated its second position with 26% of activations on this Christmas 2017 (against 21% in 2016) as Huawei who keeps his third place with 5% (against 3%). The ambitious Chinese manufacturer who wants to dislodge Apple from the world podium was neck and neck with LG last year. This year, fourth place is also with Xioami and Motorola, all at 3%.



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