Logitech and Frank Thelen seek start-up

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Logitech itself offers some products for use in the workplace, the investor Thelen is described as “enthi sterter “Users of various products like MeetUp or the camera for video conferencing Connect.

Video-based communication important

Thelen brings a lot of know-how to the cooperation. He has been part of the founder’s show “Cave of the Lions” on Vox for years. He advises young entrepreneurs on founding companies and buys shares in interesting products. He emphasizes how important video-based communication can be for the fragmented work routine.

“Video-based communication is becoming increasingly important, too, or even more so at startups (! Sic) and small businesses that are like no other business form stand for open, flexible working. “

He’s always on the lookout for the best solution, so he’s stuck with Logitech’s video and office products. Now, we want to share our expertise with founders and startups and help them implement their ideas.

“Logitech Startup Partner 2018 “

For this reason, Thelen and Logitech are looking for the” Logitech Startup Partner 2018 “. Interested parties can register via a website. The winners will receive a package of 3.500 Euro worth of Logitech Office and Videoconferencing products as well as a meeting with Frank Thelen.

You can submit your application via video, in the form of a presentation or in PDF format. Above all, you need to justify why your company should be named “Logitech Startup Partner 2018”. The deadline for applications is June 10, 2018. In addition to Frank Thelen, the jury also includes representatives of Logitech. The grand prize will be awarded in person during the meeting of Frank Thelen.

Additional Chance

Win a Logitech Spotlight Presenter every week. All you need to do is post a short statement on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks using the #LogitechStartup hashtag, and explain why you’re the perfect start-up partner for Logitech.

Thelen stirs the news

The other side of the 12-month “deal” with Logitech is for further action in the B2B space with a focus on Logitech videoconferencing and business products. For example, Logitech’s distribution and trading partners are integrated in the form of promotion weeks with offers especially for start-ups. Product videos show how Thelen uses Logitech products in everyday life.

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