Logitech announced the G512 gaming keyboard with RGB lights and new "noisy" buttons

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Logitech announced a new G512 mechanical gaming keyboard, along with a new mechanical switch model for its range of peripherals. The keypad is introduced into the offer between the G413 and the G513, which borrows functions and capabilities from both, and is also sold at a price somewhere in the middle. The keyboard was announced next to the new GX Blue switches, Logitech's first "clicky" switches

The G512 keyboard will be available in three variants, with the classic Romer-G Tactile switches, the new Romer-G Linear switches introduced just a few months ago, or the new GX Blue clicks. It features individual RGB individual keypad lighting, an aluminum construction and a USB port for connecting accessories and charging devices. The G512 is compatible with LIGHTSYNC Lighting Synchronization Technology, which debuted with G513 Keyboards and G560 Speakers

The GX Blue switches provide a sonic response at every touch, being similar in functionality to the famous Cherry MX Blue switches. These will be available on both the G512 and G513 at this time and will likely come on other company keyboards. Considering that Logitech has so far offered keyboards based on older Cherry switches, or a single "linear" proprietary switch model, increasing the options to three models is welcome

Logitech G512 can be purchased exclusively through the Logitech website at the price of 599 lei, while the GX Blue version of the G513 keyboard will reach the local stores in July at the price of 829 lei

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