Logitech CRAFT: Update Brings New Features for Keyboard

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How did criticize in our test a few months ago, especially the lack of support for the new rotary knob. Logitech took the feedback to heart, announcing support for Adobe Lightroom Classic CC photo editing software and Adobe Reader DC for Windows, while Mac users can now work better with QuickTime and the PDF and Photo software previews. At the same time, the company provides developers with a matching SDK to allow even smaller software companies to connect their applications to the keyboard dial.

Thanks to the update, the wheel of the “Logitech CRAFT” keyboard can be used for the following functions:

  • Adobe Reader DC on Windows: zooming, paging, and horizontal scrolling.
  • VLC Media Player on Windows: jumping backwards and forwards during video viewing or volume control
  • Mac preview: zooming, page switching and horizontal scrolling.
  • QuickTime on Mac: Forwards and backwards in video viewing or volume control
  • Safari for Mac: Navigate through the tabs.
  • Spotify for Mac and Windows: Play and Pause music, adjust volume or select songs

To install the update, you need Logitech Options 6.8. The application can be downloaded free of charge from the official Logitech website.


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