Logitech G Launches G Pro Gaming Headphones


To the professional gamers, the Logitech G PRO headphones have the lightweight and durable construction, and the comfortable fit for extended gaming sessions

Headphones come with Logitech G Pro-G speakers, synthetic leather sponges and professional-quality microphone for clear communication between players. The features offered have made the Logitech G PRO official headquarters of the Electronic Sports League (ESL) CS: GO Pro League, ESL One and ESL Premiership, to be used by many professional players and some of the top teams in the world .

"As a leader in the gaming market, we develop products that both professional and enthusiastic professional gamers want," said Ujesh Desai, vice president and general manager, Logitech Gaming. "The PRO helmets were designed in close collaboration with the professional teams of TSM, G2 Esports and London Spitfire. The design includes features such as a professional-grade microphone and synthetic leather sponges to get the perfect headphones to the level required for esport competitions and the needs of professional gamblers. "

The Pro-G speakers have built-in hybrid material for superior audio quality, further optimized by using configurable audio profiles in the Logitech G application

According to the manufacturing company, the Logitech G PRO headphones offer 50% more effective sound insulation than was possible on the previous Logitech G headphones, and players are free from the sounds around them that could distract their focus. In addition, headphones come in pack with an extra set of microfiber sponges.

The Logitech G PRO headphones will be available as of April 2018 at the recommended retail price of £ 459.

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