Logitech launches G305, a wireless gaming mouse with up to 9 months of autonomy


Logitech Announces New G Gaming Gaming Gamma: G305. It retains the design of the G102 and G203 base models and the e-Sports G Pro, but drops the cable for Lightspeed wireless technology, which began last year on the G613 keyboard and the high end G903 and G703 mice. In addition to a simplistic design and high performance, Logitech promises something that PowerPlay wireless models could not offer: high autonomy, which can range from a few weeks to a few months.

The G305 is a mouse with six pretty standard buttons in functionality and design. It is designed to be used with the right hand, so the two extra buttons besides the three normal buttons (left click, right click and middle + scroll) are positioned on the left side to be pressed with your thumb. It also benefits from a scroll button to change the settings for DPI, and at the bottom there is a button to switch to economy mode

Even if the exterior does not offer a new design, the top surface is basically a cover that hides the AA battery bay and the USB Lightspeed USB storage when the mouse is transported. A single battery should provide up to 250 hours of use in performance mode, which most gamers will use, while the economic mode will provide nine months of use. The difference between the two modes is the reporting speed, which consequently adds latency. In the performance mode, the distance between the push and the action on the screen is 1 millisecond, while the economic mode has an 8 millisecond latency

In terms of hardware, the Logitech G305 comes equipped with the proprietary 12,000 DPI Hero sensor, which is one of the most powerful on the market (basically a version of the high-end PMW3360 model found on most Logitech customized mice) . Button switches are most likely made by Omron, like other Logitech models

The G305 is not equipped with colorful lights and does not offer the possibility to be connected to the PC via a cable, so we are talking about a 100% wireless mouse. The price of 60 euros is the main attraction, as the cheapest Logitech wireless gaming mouse. The launch will take place in May in the United States and will soon be in Europe as well

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