Logitech launches G560 audio system and G513 mechanical keypad with new LIGHTSYNC lighting system

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The Logitech G range of gaming peripherals is expanding today with two new products: the G560 audio system and a G513 mechanical keyboard. They benefit from the new proprietary LIGHTSYNC technology that synchronizes RGB LEDs on compatible products to "enrich" the experience with visual effects affected by the game's actions.

The Logitech G560 audio system comes with two stereo speakers and a subwoofer with a total power of 120 W. The speakers are equipped with the LIGHTSYNC lighting system, based on RGB LEDs that can display 16.8 million colors in four areas and audio technologies such as 3D Audio and DTS: X Ultra 1.0. Also, users have the option to connect speakers using a USB jack, a 3.5mm audio jack or even Bluetooth, while Easy-Switch technology ensures rapid switching between sources and multiple sources simultaneously

The G513 keyboard seems to be an evolution of the G413, being delivered with a similar design, the construction being made of a plastic base and a metal plate at the base of the buttons. It also benefits from RGB LEDs and LIGHTSYNC technology and will be available in two versions: with proprietary switches Romer-G Tactile or Romer-G Linear. The "Tactile" version is basically the re-branding of the Romer-G model already on the market that offers a subtle push-response, while the Linear version delivers a smooth push to the end. The keyboard also features a USB pass-through port and a detachable palm rest

Both products are designed to complement Logitech's offer for G502 Proteus Spectrum mouse fans, the most popular model in Logitech's offer. The launch will take place in early April, with the G560 audio system being listed in specialist stores at a recommended price of 1,149 lei, while the keyboard will be listed at the price of 799 lei in both versions

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