Longer upgrade cycles and used devices threaten the iPhone

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In 2014, the average upgrade cycle was 23 months – Users have bought a new smartphone about every two years, which is, of course, due to the fact that many mobile phone contracts provided for this cycle If this value has risen to 31 months, BayStreet Research reported in the Wall Street Journal and said that users will keep their smartphones for much longer in the future. The reason is simple: Manufacturers no longer offer enough new features to justify the transition.

In addition, more and more people are choosing to purchase older, used smartphones rather than relying on the latest and greatest models fall. Nearly every tenth device sold is a refurbished model, according to Counterpoint Technology Market Research.

With this, the smartphone market is slowly moving towards the car market, according to B-Stock Solutions, which deals with used smartphones. Earlier, old smartphones were sold to other countries, now they are sold in the home country.

Apple tries to counteract by the company offers iPhones in all price ranges and older models continue to sell via mobile service providers. Whether that will be enough to cope in a sluggish market will be seen.

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