Lotto Scanner: Easily control winnings via app

Whoever plays the lottery wants to know, of course, whether he has won. So it either means to follow the draw of the winning numbers live in front of the TV, to wait for the lottery numbers in the news or to pick them out on the Internet and compare them with their own lottery ticket. A much faster and easier solution is the app Lotto Scanner.

Just scan

The application is quite simple. In the upper area the different lottery games can be selected. So far 6aus49, the EuroJackpot, the game 77, the super 6 and the lucky spiral are available. In the lower area, the scanner can be opened. This recognizes the lottery ticket via the camera and matches it in seconds with the winning numbers of the selected game. If you win, you will see the winning amount directly.

Data protection and future functions

The developers of Formigas from Konstanz, known among other things by apps such as Spritradar, attach great importance to data protection and promise neither the personal data of the users nor their location to evaluate. The app can also be fully used without an account or a login. In addition, with future updates, additional game classes and lotteries, e.g. Keno, available via the app.

             Download on App Store

Lotto Scanner

Developer: Formigas GmbH

The app is available for free download on the App Store, is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and requires at least iOS 10.

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