Mac Data Recovery Test | Recovering Deleted Files

Mac Data Recovery Test | Recovering Deleted Files

Mac Data Recovery Test | Recovering Deleted Files. If you would like to test the program before you buy, you can download a free trial version from the manufacturer's website.
Mac Data Recovery lets you recover deleted documents, emails, photos, and videos in no time, whether from your hard drive or a USB stick.
Who knows Not? An important file was pushed too early in the wastebasket and emptied. Or an SD card has been formatted to make room for new pictures. Unfortunately, the pictures have not yet been backed up and would now be lost, because with on-board resources it is almost impossible under Mac OS to restore the data. Fortunately, there is software that can help out here.

One of the providers of such a program is Stellar with Mac Data Recovery. With the tool, it is possible to recover both deleted data on your Mac and on attached volumes. The program can access various storage formats and copes with FAT, exFAT, NTFS and HFS, among others.

Pleasantly simple interface

When the program starts, the user-friendly interface is the first to be noticed positively to cope easily. Mac Data Recovery takes its users step by step through data recovery. You just have to follow the instructions on the screen. To start, the program asks for the file type you want to restore. If you e.g. If you know you deleted a photo you want to restore, you should select the appropriate slider and disable the other sections. The program then looks only for image files, which can significantly speed up the search process.

The next screen asks you for the location from which you want to save the data. Here, e.g. Also connected external hard drives, USB sticks and SD cards are selected.

If you click on "Scan", Mac Data Recovery will search for deleted files and show the result is an overview. If the desired file is below it, simply select it and click on "Restore". Mac Data Recovery now asks you for a folder where you want to put the recovered file. You do not have to do anything more.

Good results

In our test, the program managed most of the time to save the data you wanted easily. However, this also depends on how bad a disk is damaged and how often and how long it has been used after deleting the data. In an emergency, Mac Data Recovery can also perform a deep scan to help you find what you're looking for.

If you're looking for detailed menus with lots of settings, Mac Data Recovery will not make it. However, many users are unlikely to miss such menus.

Overall, Mac Data Recovery is a good choice to be as safe as possible in everyday life and to save money and nerves in an emergency.

Safely delete! If you are selling your Mac or a hard drive, you should make sure that the data has been erased correctly. Simply moving to the trash or formatting is not enough. The data is not "deleted", but only their references in the background removed in the index of the hard drive and the area released for overwriting. To safely delete data, open the Disk Utility, select the disk you want, and click Delete. Then select "Security Options> Safest" and then "Ok."



Conclusion: For laypersons in particular, Mac Data Recovery is a simple tool with no complicated menus to save accidentally deleted data.

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  • very simple menu navigation , good results


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