Mac OS is old, OS X is older

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January 1984 fie l launched Mac OS. Who would have thought that the operating system lasted more than 17 years (6,269 days). On March 24, 2001, it was over with Mac OS.

OS X Is Older Today than Mac OS

That day officially began the career of Mac OS X for end users. That works today on all Macs. In 2012, Apple slapped the Mac in Mac OS X and renamed it from there onwards to OS X. In 2016, the manufacturer changed its name again to macOS.

Technically, however, the same architecture is behind the current macOS. With today, OS X has already 6,270 days under its belt – one more than its predecessor. It is already clear that the time of the operating system has not yet expired. Next month, the next release of macOS 10.14 will be released.

Steve Jobs Bringed the Scaffolding

Some of you will remember , There was a time when the former Apple founder did not work for the company and other executives swung the scepter. He invested in Pixar and NeXTSTEP. The operating system of the NeXTSTEP computers is based on Unix. It was introduced in 1989 and the computers with the operating system were characterized by the New York Times as a Macintosh with doping.

Today’s macOS has its roots in any case. Because NeXTSTEP later sold no more computers. But when Steve Jobs came back to Apple in the mid-1990s, he brought the know-how of NeXTSTEP to the company. The iPhone maker took over the company in 1996, and the development of OS X began behind the scenes.

At least that’s the way it reads (better). Because Apple had failed with its own new operating system (code name “Copland”) and had personnel problems. The project leader left the company. As a result, Apple bought the alternative from the outside and so also brought Steve Jobs back into the company.

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