MacBook Air Retina Not on WWDC 2018?

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According to DigiTimes, Apple has not yet entered the M started production of a new MacBook Air Retina. Instead, mass production will not take place until late summer / fall.

MacBook Air Retina Not Serving WWDC 2018?

Suppliers were allegedly informed by Apple about the delay but so far without indication of reasons. Suppliers speculate that there are difficulties with major components of the device. Maybe Intel can not deliver enough processors? In any case, the device would then no longer come in time for WWDC 2018.

As of now, you would have full footprint and a low order volume. That should obviously change only in the third quarter. Piercing information in this form also helps some companies warn investors about possible lower quarterly reports by the flower.

Apple’s New Entry-level Laptop

Rumors of a new lower-priced MacBook have been in for some months the rumor mill. The device is said to be available for under $ 1,000, possibly as little as $ 799.

The price reduction could lead to the MacBook 2018 still gaining 10 percent market share. In any case, it is said to help attack Chromebooks, which have lost market share especially in the education sector.

Worry about Production Bottlenecks

The anonymous sources also warn that production bottlenecks could occur or in any case more competition among manufacturing companies. Because if Apple wants to offer both new iPhones and new MacBooks in the fall, the production capacity would be exhausted.

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