MacBook Pro Touch Bar: Concept video with ideas for the future

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MacBook Pro Touch Bar: concept video with ideas for the future. Furkan Kasap posted a short video (23 seconds) on his YouTube channel, showing a concept for Apple’s Pro laptop. It borrowed on a patent application of the manufacturer from Cupertino. We still do not believe the future looks that way, and you?

“3D Touch” was a nice gimmick, but has barely prevailed. That’s why there are rumors, Apple can remove 3D Touch again. However, a similar functionality of a touch screen keyboard would be quite good to face. Apple has filed several patents in the past that provide solutions for a touch-screen keyboard.

Concept Video on MacBook Pro with Touch Keyboard

Now, a video introduces a concept of Apple’s MacBook Pro that the patents Apple takes the role model. Can you imagine a MacBook in which almost the entire keyboard surface consists of a layer of glass that can also be used as a display? Furkan Kasap already.

However, we are skeptical that Apple will follow this path. It takes a lot of experimenting with such a solution to actually ensure the ergonomics that would be lost when using a flat glass surface compared to conventional keyboards.

It makes more sense, however, the enlarged touch bar with graphical icons, the more space for interaction with apps

Update is not over

Apple recently updated its MacBook Pro with Touchbar. The devices now offer better hardware with faster processors through the bank and can use more memory. In the endurance test of Mac Life, the devices show their best side.

Accordingly, no new upgrade for the MacBook Pro is expected at short notice. If anything, a lot of water still flows down the Rhine before the technology has advanced enough to combine price-performance and ergonomics.

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