MacBook Pro with 32GB of RAM until 2019?

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If Hoping that there might be new MacBook Pro with 32GB of RAM this year, you’ll have to be patient.

Intel postpones Cannon Lake again

It’s not the first time Intel is moving the new Cannon-Lake generation processors in the 10nm manufacturing process. On request, the chipmaker admitted that in 2018, mainly processors in the 14 -nm process would continue to be produced. The serial production of chips in the 10-nm process is not expected to start until 2019.

Intel still has difficulties in manufacturing. As of now, the yield of usable chips is too low. The company will not waste resources to increase capacity, but instead seek solutions to increase yield.

Apple’s MacBooks Affected?

There is a MacBook at the moment or MacBook Pro with a maximum of 16 GB of RAM. The Intel processors in the devices use memory chips of the type DDR4. With Cannon-Lake processors, Apple could switch to LPDDR4 and increase its capacity to 32 GB of RAM.

The alternative would be for Apple to use separate RAM control chips in the devices at short notice to increase capacity. But the expense would be unjustifiable from a commercial point of view, given that a few weeks or months later, Intel’s new processors automatically provided the opportunity.

Hardware upgrades anyway?

Self If the Cannon-Lake chips are still to be seen, that does not mean there will not be a hardware upgrade for Apple’s MacBooks in 2018. Intel unveiled new processors from the Coffee Lake generation in April. They would promise more power, especially with the same power consumption.

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