MacBook: Standby Battery Life Is Not Achieved – Repairs Declined

MacBooks promises Apple a one-month standby with one battery charge. A report shows that this is hardly achieved and Apple attempts to repair attempts. Many users now complain in Apple's support communities and other discussion groups such as MacRumors

Some MacBook laptops that are supposed to have "up to 30 days standby time" have one much higher power requirements, which means that the month is barely reached Apple engineers who are faced with the problem do not seem to know the cause and repair attempts are not made.

When the cover of a MacBook closed for a period of time, on average no more than 3.3 percent of the battery charge per day should be consumed, and instead, some batteries will drain around the 2-10-f so that MacBooks are dead after only 3-15 days. Some users have reported 15 percent daily battery discharges even when the machine shuts down, and Apple has stated that this is "normal behavior with the new hardware generation."

A particularly blatant case is described at VentureBeat. Here's a report of a 12-inch MacBook that has 7 percent loss per day, more than double the expected amount. This means that the device will be empty after about 10 days. After the owner brought it to an Apple Store under the AppleCare warranty, a technician had run a battery diagnostic that did not include a standby test and claimed that the battery passed the tests and is not replaced. Apple also did not swap the battery for money.

Of course, Apple's statement that the devices last "up to" 30 days is extremely spongy. This could also be understood as an explicit warranty retention that ultimately only promises standby between 0 and 30 days.

Apple's support forums claim that technicians view 5 percent as a daily discharge as normal, that would be 20 days of standby time yield.

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