macOS 10.13.4 Beta 5 changes eGPU support

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Beta 5 of m acOS 10.13.4 High Sierra gets along even better with eGPU when connected via Thunderbolt 3. If you unplug and reconnect such an external graphics card, you will not have to wait until it’s ready to go.

TB1 and TB2 support disabled

It may just be a temporary phenomenon. Possibly Apple will switch back to the support for the older Thunderbolt variants with the next beta.

But right now you can not use your eGPU in the constellation. There is also no way to revive the function. There are already scripts for Nvidia PCI-E graphics cards that have not yet been supported.

Use eGPU in macOS 10.13.4 immediately

Already on previous beta versions of macOS 10.13.4 noticed that you can now plug in an eGPU during operation and use it directly. Previously, you still had to log off the user and log back in to use the resources of the external video card.

This version of macOS High Sierra also optimizes the use of eGPUs on MacBooks. If you close the lid, another connected display will not automatically darken, but will continue to work. This also applies if you have also set the display of the MacBook as an active display in the graphics settings.

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