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MacOS 10.14 is faster, mainly because it supports 32-bit support. Apps omitted.

Everything goes dark with Mojave

Already in the run-up to the event, Apple had a mishap. A short video was distributed via an internal API for iTunes and App Store entries. It shows Xcode 10 with a dark user interface. In general, a system-wide “dark mode” is finally introduced in the new desktop operating system. So far you have been able to darken the menu bar and the dock, depending on the app icon, but sometimes with more and with less good results.

Apart from the fact that you can save energy on the display with the combination of light text on a dark background , there is a better contrast. Which in turn facilitates the extensive screen work.

Facetime with group discussions and effects

Not only on iOS, but also on the Mac, you can now use FaceTime to make video calls up to 32 Use people at the same time. Craig Federighi introduced the feature as part of the presentation of iOS 12.

In addition, you can use the new memoji, stickers and effects in the conversations. Make a comic head and become a ghost or dinosaur. Although it sounds rather simple, there are times when sometimes you do not want someone to see their face. Maybe because you just did not sleep well. Then simply video conference with their digital alter ego.

This article will be published throughout the evening updated. The information is not complete yet.

Dynamic Desktop

The wallpapers change throughout the day. In the morning, at noon, and in the evenings, you will receive one shot at a different time each day from the same background.

Desktop heap

You can now clean up the desktop where you are making heaps. This works by keyword, by file type and more.

Finder now better

Apple now donates a gallery view to the Finder in macOS Mojave. It’s not that new. It was previously available as Coverflow in other apps.

However, you can also edit images directly in the Finder, for example changing their orientation. You can also use Automator to set up your own actions to edit files. For example, you can watermark images.

Quicklook even smarter

You can now also attach notes in the quick view of files, make signatures in PDF documents, or trim video files

Screenshots even better

The screenshot function in macOS Mojave has been redesigned. As with iOS, you can edit a preview directly. So you can add a magnifying glass, make annotations and other things more.

The screenshot function has been developed even further. So you can now make video recordings, even from individual windows. You can also edit the video or simply drag-and-drop it into an app.

Continuity Camera : A very special feature is this special feature to set content objects on Mac to fill the iPhone camera. The pictures taken on the iPhone are then inserted directly on the Mac in the document on the spot. The camera can also be used to scan documents.

“News” and Stock Now on the Mac

Apple is also bringing its news app to the Mac. But as with the iPhone and iPad you can not use the “News” -App for the time being in Germany. Apple is expanding its reach and, for some people, reading and working comfort with its move to the Mac.

Plus, get the opportunity to use the stock app on the Mac. The US version will also contain business messages. We will notify you of any differences as soon as details become known to us.

Voice Memos also on Mac

Voice recordings can now also be made on the Mac, as you would expect from the iPhone and with iOS 12 yes also on the iPad.

The Mac gets a home app

You could manage your HomeKit compatible smart home hardware on your iPhone or iPad for a while. This works with macOS Mojave then synonymous s.Mac. You can assign devices to individual locations, add scenes, and create rules.

Mac and Safari Security

Apple adds more security features. The operating system also monitors, for example, the camera of the system. If an app wants to use it, you’ll need to get your permission in the future.

Apple uses advanced filters in Safari. Web forms or like buttons on websites will no longer start tracking without your permission in the future.

New App Store on Mac

Also new on the Mac is the App Store. The is now similar designed as on the iPhone and iPad. You will receive a daily new overview and posts with background information on app creation. In addition, preview and info pages on apps on the Mac now include videos. In this way, app developers can present their software even better.

It was exactly this app store interface that leaked some information in the run-up to the WWDC.

Metal on Mac even better

According to Federighi, there are a billion apps on iOS and macOS that use metal. With external graphics cards, so-called eGPU you can, for example, increase the speed of the MacBook by a factor of 6.5. On stage, Federighi presented a scene on a MacBook that was rendered live using an external graphics card.

But metal is also used to optimize machine learning. These include IBM’s Watson, TensorFlow ONNX and others. For this Apple offers a new interface for developers named Create ML. As a layman, you can start training your AI based on rules that you set yourself.

Core ML 2 is 30 percent faster than before. The KI models will also be up to 75 percent smaller than before.

Merges Apple Apps for the Mac and iPhone?

Craig Federighi clearly answered this question on stage: ” NO! ”

Nevertheless, some iOS apps would look good on the Mac as well. That’s why Apple has been working on a behind-the-scenes project for years. The UIKit from iOS will now be possible with some functions on the Mac. Apple has used its own technology to port its apps from iOS to macOS. The news app, the stock app but also the voice memo app have been brought to the Mac. Developers will not be able to port their iOS apps to the Mac this way until 2019.

APFS now also for Fusion Drives

You have a Mac with so-called Fusion Drive? This combination of small SSD storage, along with a larger hard drive, created immense problems for Apple’s new APFS file system, which it introduced with macOS High Sierra last year. Craig Federighi recently put off the argument that Apple is working on a timely solution. But today he announced that macOS Mojave will also be compatible with Fusion Drives.

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