macOS 10.14 Mojave: System updates no longer available in the App Store

Who in de If you would like to update the current versions of macOS, you must open the App Store, which sometimes takes a long time to wait and then click on the “Updates” tab. There Apple assembles all updates for apps installed on the Mac as well as the system updates for macOS itself. This was not always the case, just like on iOS, the system updates could be found earlier in the system settings and could be triggered. However, Apple changed this with the introduction of the App Store under macOS.

As a Reddit user has now discovered in the first developer beta of macOS 10.14 Mojave, Apple could possibly move the function back in the fall with the official release of the new operating system back to the system settings. Many users may be pleased about this step, the comments at Reddit are mostly positive.

However, the version of macOS 10.14 is still a very early beta version and is currently available only to paying developers. Apple regularly changes its features in Betas and could easily move the system updates back to the App Store. The public beta should follow in a few days to weeks.

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