macOS 10.14 Wish: What should Mojave do?

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On Saturday, developer Steven Trougthon-Smith had discovered a short video on Xcode 10 on the Apple servers ( we reported). In addition to the programming application, it featured a new background, new icons and a new look. This confirmed some premonitions of the new macOS 10.14, which partially coincide with our wish list. In addition to the leaked features, we have a lot more on our wish list …

Dark Mode

As with the iPhone, we also wish for the Mac a dark fashion or a dark appearance. Already with the 2015 MacBook, Apple introduced a dark menu bar and a dark dock. According to the latest leak, macOS 10.14 could actually contain a corresponding mode. In the video, the very dark design could be clearly seen. We hope Apple will roll out the feature system-wide and initially support all standard apps.

App Store for iOS Apps

The App Store for iOS apps has been banned from iTunes. This eliminates the easy way to use via Mac cheap app offers and send them directly to the iPhone without the iPhone has to be endeavored. This has always been very practical. We therefore hope that Apple in macOS Mojave will unite the Mac App Store and iOS App Store in one app so that iOS apps can be purchased on the Mac as well. Should the rumors come true that the Mac App Store will be aligned with the iOS App Store, then this would be the next logical step.

iOS Apps on the Mac

It’s been going on for at least two years discussed the merger of iOS and macOS in the community. Apple CEO Tim Cook is reluctant to use a hybrid device, but what about the software? At least in the direction of Mac, we would be happy about iOS apps. With a common app store finding the appropriate applications would be easier. Similar to the Xcode simulations, the apps could then run in their own windows and provide a handy supplement without having to resort to the iPhone.

Home App

Of course, a home app is long overdue for the Mac. Of course, the home app on the iPhone and iPad already works very well, but a Mac app could offer significantly more depth. In addition to finer settings then devices could finally be controlled on the Mac – gladly with the help of Siri.

Siri Extensions (Hey Siri, Device Control, etc.)

The introduction of Siri on the Mac is now two years ago. Not much has happened since then. There is still a lack of a practical function: “Hey Siri”. Of course, the iPhone, iPad or shortly the HomePod can respond to the command, but on the Mac, this would also be handy. Without a special keyboard shortcut or the like, you could quickly search for files, apps or similar and work more productively. It also makes sense that HomeKit devices can be controlled via voice.

Low-Energy Mode for MacBooks

Apple is very good with memory and power management. This is because software and hardware come from a single source. However, there is also room for improvement here. While other manufacturers have long been offering whisper and low-energy modes for laptops, Apple is still lagging behind. We therefore want a quick-to-reach option to keep the MacBook (Air / Pro) from running at peak performance with loud fan noise in quiet environments. At the same time, the measure could extend battery life.

Synchronize iCloud Notifications

Syncing notifications via iCloud is already on our iOS 12 wish list. Of course, the Mac is no exception, with the message center displaying unread messages, missed calls, new emails, and app notifications. With “iMessage in the Cloud” Apple makes the synchronization before. If Apple extends the feature to notifications as well, many clicks and taps would eliminate notifications read elsewhere, and at the same time would be more orderly.

APFS for Fusion Drives

The Apple File System has been around for years , APFS in conversation and is designed to accelerate devices with flash memory. After being first introduced in iOS, support for macOS High Sierra followed last year – but only for Mac models with pure flash memory. The iMac and the Mac mini with Fusion Drive went blank. Apple recently promised that the issue will be covered soon, but we would still like to list it on this wish list, as the company has repeatedly consoled users at a later date. Maybe it will actually appear with macOS Mojave 10:14.

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