macOS 11 or macOS 10.14? So should the operating system look like

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The concept focuses not only on the recent rumors about the upcoming operating system, but almost meticulously pays attention to maintain that typical Apple design. The result is so impressive that we wish Apple would take some parts 1: 1. But let’s start at the top – with the menu bar.

The “macOS 11” concept changes everything – even the menu bar

This has simplified Pabesio so much that it is barely perceptible. It is not a continuous gray (or black) line anymore, but the middle part is completely missing. On the left, only the first options are displayed, while the status bar on the top right reminds a lot of iOS and is also equipped with a control center, as known from the iPhone.

In addition to this optical proximity to iOS, the latest rumor is being picked up that an upcoming macOS universal app can use iOS. Pabesio also takes up this fact and shows in his concept what integration of such apps might look like. The result is just as brilliant and definitely makes you want more.

New Apps and Settings for the Mac

While compulsory dark fashion should not be ignored, the designer has also considered another element that would be highly desirable. For in his iTunes vision, he has completely outsourced device and housed in a separate app. In this easy to manage devices such as the iPhone, iPad, the AirPods, the Apple TV or even the newly released HomePod and always keep track of.

Also have existing applications such as the news app or the Finder receive a Pabesio revision and also bristle with innovations. The news app was added to all the effects of iOS 10 and will also integrate the universal apps. In the Finder, the designer sees great potential for improved productivity, which could work especially for smaller teams via iCloud. In addition to these features, Álvaro Pabesio has changed a few more details that you can view and read on Behance. We hope that Apple too will be inspired by his practical ideas.

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