The possible merging of macOS and iOS operating systems is being discussed on the internet ever since the launch of the first iPhone, but this year Apple could take the first steps in this direction. Despite the fact that we do not have official information on this topic, there are rumors suggesting that the new major MacOS version to be released this autumn will allow installing and running applications for the iPad

This trend is not new. Microsoft has embraced tablet applications with desktop touchscreen interfaces since the release of the first version of Windows 8 and has continued this trend on Windows 10 with the Windows Store universal applications capable of running on both desktops, tablets, smartphones, and Xbox gaming consoles

The ability to provide access to mobile apps on Mac could ease the work of many users who are using the tablets on the go, and then when they get to the office they have problems synchronizing the data between the tablet and the computer or simply do not have a desktop and laptop solution (for example, Instagram is an exclusive mobile app). Of course, to make this possible, Apple has to modify some fundamental elements of macOS, which will probably mark the biggest upgrade in the last ten years.

Since other competing operating systems already offer this functionality, it was time for Apple to join the world. Of course, this information is unconfirmed, so we will have to wait for the official announcement from Apple in this regard, details of the new versions of the operating systems macOS, iOS, tvOS and watchOS are usually made early in summer at the WWDC conference

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