macOS: How to Enlarge the Icons in the Dock – Permanent or Temporary

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How to Adjust the Size of the Dock Directly

Before you struggling through countless menus, you can easily increase the size of the dock icons to adjust. Hover your mouse over the vertical line between the apps and the recycle bin, so a double-headed arrow appears. Now hold down the left mouse button and drag the pointer up or down to enlarge or reduce the dock.

Adjust Dock by Settings – Even Temporarily

Alternatively and with more sensitivity, you can also use the settings of your Mac computer. Click on the Apple logo in the menu bar at the top of the screen and then select “System Preferences”. Then click on “Dock”. Use the slider at the top to set the “Size”.

On the other hand, if you want to use a small dock, but do not want to miss the comfort of large icons, then put a tick in front of “Enlargement”. You can also adjust the zoom factor. Note that the “Magnification” slider must be set to a value greater than the “Size” above for the function to work. If you move the mouse pointer over the dock, the dock icons enlarge automatically.

Tip: The dock settings give you some useful options. We recommend activating the “Show open programs” function.

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