macOS Mojave: Files piled on the desk – Here’s how it works

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So enable the stack function

Apple makes finding the function easy and gives you two ways to activate it. In the simplest case, simply click on a free space on the desktop and then select “Use stack” from the context menu. Alternatively, you can also open a Finder window and then select “Appearance” in the menu bar at the top of the screen. Here you will also find the option “Use stack”. The moment you click Use Batch, all your files are stacked. Clicking on a stack shows you the corresponding files in the usual view.

Rebuilding Stacks – Here’s how

Of course, you do not have to make do with the standard sorting of the function. Similar to the typical finder sorting, you have several options to choose from. To do this, click on “Appearance” in the menu bar and search for a suitable batch method under “Stack by”. You have the choice and you can sort by file type, creation date, modification date, “last opened”, “added on” and day.

Note : The stacking feature is limited to macOS Mojave’s desk and can not be used in folders.

Professional tip : More Options for Stacking

Stacks not only make your desk more organized, they can also help you in other ways. Right-click on a stack. This allows you to select all the files at once and rename it, for example, or create a new folder from it. This greatly simplifies the handling of the files.

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